Unani System of Medicine

Unani System of Medicine

Unani system of medicine is a Govt. recognized old age & time tested medical system for treatment of various diseases using natural remedies and regimens ( ilaaj bit tadbeer ) without causing any adverse effect to the patient, as having no side effect. After proper diagnosis, Unani physicians advise, which Unani Medicine or therapy can work well to cure the disease.

For any disease { dis-ease } various effective and safe Unani (Herbal) Medicines are in practice for oral use.

Certain Unani therapies like

  • Hijama (Cupping therapy)
  • Alaq/Jonk lagana (Leech therapy)
  • Fasad (Venesection)
  • Dalak (Massage therapy), and
  • Therapeutic Steam Bath and other many therapies work very well for many non-curable disease based on diagnosis , etiology, sign and symptoms But no one can claim or assured about any disease to treat completely, because recovery also depends upon

  • life style
  • mental health (sleep , stress)
  • physical activity
  • body immunity
  • daily diet (natural or processed)
  • nutrients intake
  • alcohol
  • tobacco, opium intake
  • smoking
  • daily habits
  • occupation (profession)


Hijama (Cupping therapy) is technical surgical procedure which detoxify your body and make you fit Stagnant impure liquid and gaseous substances [toxins or Fasid madde]which are harmful for human body, all are drained out by a technical surgical procedure called HIJAMA


It helps to recover metabolic disorder & hormonal imbalances naturally. All benefits of hijama are given in services.


In hijama therapy cups are applied on perticular parts (area) of the body with negative pressure and Toxin {waste product which is accumulated in that perticular area} is drained out by minor multiple scratches (not-deep-cuts) [ 0.3--0.5 mm ] by sterile surgical blade on the surface of skin. HIJAMA THERAPY has no side effect if attempted by Expert Unani Physician.

We take hijama session for any single disease only, but we get many other benefits too


Everyone can bear its pain easily because it is too negligible and very less by our special techniques/ method.


It is an ancient therapy. The first historical evidence of this medical treatment was found in a medical report from Mesopotamia as early as 3000 B.C. Then Hippocrates, father of medicine (400 B.C) gave instructions on cupping Therapy, but prophet Muhammad S.A.W. completed the rest of the guidelines and instructions [600 AD]. It is very important sunnah of prophet Muhammad S.A.W. for treatment.

HIJAMA THERAPY is still alive after thousands years of development, perfection and invention in medicine. Several research studies showed the scientific basis of hijama and mechanism of action as well. Since the field of application of cupping is wide, its efficacy is good, its cost is not too high {Lowest price or Charitable price in my clinic} and it is popular worldwide in all socio economic groups and all cultures. Even the Olympians and celebrities are now enjoying its benefits. (Anyone can search on Google)


Medicinal leech therapy or hirudotherapy is a kind of complementary and integrative treatment method applied with blood-sucking leeches. One or more leeches are attached to the skin of problematic area and the purpose is to gain potential utilities of leech saliva that is secreted while the leeches are feeding


When a leech bites, hyaluronidase and collagenase allow access to the tissues and blood vessels; vasodilatation occurs, inflammatory reactions are suppressed, analgesic effects are observed. That's why positive effect seen on wound/tissue repair, Eczema, other Skin diseases, Vascular disease Arthritis

PHYSICIAN should avoid it if he has any alternate option as it has potential of infection


In 17th century in Europe, LEECH THERAPY reached its widest area of application. Since the 1900s, attention of medical professionals has decreased, due to complication caused by LEECH THERAPY


Fasad ( venesection ) is a type of detoxification procedure in which excess blood/ waste blood and toxins are evacuated by an incision on desired superficial vein maintaining a balance in the body humours { liquids }. It is very old treatment method having been practiced from very "'ancient times"' by peoples including the Egyptians, the Mesopotamians, and the Greeks.

Based on clinical evidences, Unani physicians have elaborated how much blood should be removed based on the patient's age, his body constitution, season, weather condition and the place where Fasad ( venesection ) has to be performed. It is not in practice due to all these conditions , In certain ailments like acute back pain, sciatica and gout  venesection has been found very effective tool. Various case studies supported the evidence of its fast and better pain relieving effect.

But hijama is more safe than Fasad because it does not need any condition-applied like Fasad and there is no need to cut any vein in hijama.


Excercise & Steam Bath are known traditional treatments for management of non curable disease


Massage therapy is also a useful tool, with effective herbal oils for sciatica , shoulder pain , back pain , joint pain

The type of oil, direction of movement in massage, time and force to be applied are all decided according to diagnosis, hence should be done under guidance and supervision of QUALIFIED UNANI PHYSICIAN.